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Introduction to the Emotion Code, an energy healing modality

This past week, I was asked to give a presentation about The Emotion Code, an energy healing modality created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

I would like to share this presentation with all of you here.

When it comes to care for health concerns, there are mainly two types of Medicine: Western and Eastern.

Western medicine is Cartesian, seeing the body as a machine whereas Eastern medicine takes into account the mind and sees the body as a microcosm. For more information go to:

The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson has its roots in Eastern Medicine. It is an energy healing modality that takes into account the energy fields, emotions, intentions, stored memories , belief systems...

A principle in the Traditional Chinese Medicine is that dis-eases start in the energy field. (We are not talking here about accidents)

This is a quote from "The Practice of Chinese Medicine" by Giovanni Maciocia: "The view of the internal organs as physical-mental-emotional spheres of influence is one of the most important aspects of Chinese medicine. Central to this is the concept of Qi as a matter-energy that gives rise to physical or mental or emotional phenomena at the same time. Thus, in Chinese medicine, body, mind and emotions are an integrated whole with no beginning or end."

Diseases can show up first as a disturbance of the chi. When the chi (or ki or prana) flows well, we feel good. When the chi is blocked in certain areas, we don't feel well. Healing modalities such as Shiatsu, acupressure, acupuncture all work to release such blockages to restore health and well being.

The Emotion Code also uses the principle of the energy meridians, the main one being the Governing Meridian. It is used to release the trapped emotions. When I went to massage school, studying the various meridians was part of the curriculum so when I studied the Emotion Code I was already familiar with it.

What is the connection between emotions and health? Let me share with you a link that shows a connection:

A wonderful resource to understand a more detailed connection between emotions and disease is Louise Hay's book :"You can Heal Your Life."

In massage school, we were told: "The issues are in the tissues" and "Your biography becomes your biology."

Take a few minutes to let that sink in. The outer reflects the inner. We can feel the love and kindness emanating from a person. We can also see the fear and hatred/guilt when looking at mugshots, for example.

What the Emotion Code brings is a way to release the negative emotions that have accumulated over time in our life and also the inherited ones. Where are those trapped emotions stored? They are stored in our energy field, in our subconscious.

As far as inherited emotions go, there is now evidence that we inherit, through our genes, through the DNA, emotions from our ancestors. In the Bible, it says in Exodus 20:5 that sins are passed on up to the 3rd and 4th generations.

So this is nothing new.

How can we figure out what kind of emotions are in the subconscious? We can access that information through muscle testing.

Muscle testing is also referred as applied kinesiology. It originated from the work of Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960s. For more information about this, there are three books that are a great resource on this topic:
  • "Your body cannot lie" by Dr.John Diamond
  • "Power vs Force" by Dr. David Hawkins
  • "Your Body Can Talk" by Susan Levy, D.C.

In his book, The Emotion Code, Dr.Nelson explains that the subconscious is like a giant database with the record of all our thoughts, deeds and experiences. It has many files. To access the information on those files, using muscle testing, we ask yes/no questions. It is all about using our sixth sense, our intuition. The more we use it, the better we get at this.
As our intuition develops, we won't need muscle testing in the future. We will just know. There are four main ways we can use our intuition:
1) clairvoyance, as in seeing (with out third eye)
2) clairaudience, as in hearing
3) clairsentience, as in feeling
4) claircognizance, as in knowing

 To do this work successfully, the mind needs to be silenced. The mind judges, analyzes and compares.
How are the trapped emotions found?
Using the list of sixty emotions found in Dr. Neslon's book, the specific emotions that may be the cause of a certain physical or emotional dis-ease are found using muscle testing. This can be done in person, or over long distance. In the world of energy, distance does not matter. I work with clients from Europe via phone or Skype and the session is just as effective as if I worked with them being in the same room.

How are the emotions released?

To release the negative trapped emotions, intention is the key. Running a magnet over the governing meridian amplifies the intention. When working by proxy (long distance), I run the magnet over my own governing meridian for the client. With intention anything is possible. It is all about co-creation. Each of us is a powerful co-creator , although many people are not aware of it.
What else is important in the Emotion Code work?
Prayer plays an important part in this energy healing work. When we enter someone's energy field,-with their permission,-- of course, it has to be done with reverence and respect as we are treading on sacred grounds.

Dr. Nelson stresses the value of prayer before a session, asking the help and assistance of the healing angels and archangels.

In the three years I have done this work, I have had many deep spiritual experiences, sometimes seeing the client's ancestor, sometimes seeing their guides such as Mother Mary, Joan of Arc...Each and everyone of us has angles and precious Beings of Light working with us. The stronger the connection is with those Guides, the more they manifest. People with a strong prayer life have a stronger Presence around them because they nurture that relationship.

The Emotion Code healing modality comes on the merit of the age, as many other healing modalities do."When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

As we grow even more strongly in wisdom and mind/body unity, even more powerful modalities will be revealed in the future.
Doris Crompton
July 2013

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