I have used Doris Crompton for releasing negative emotions. I am a biologist with an interested in spirituality. I had a most unusual healing because of information given me by an intuitive medium. It so profoundly effected my life and changed my view of how the universe works I had to write about it: www.janetsconnell.com. Just about this same time I discovered Doris and The Emotion Code. I was rather skeptical at first but decided to try it one day when I was feeling particularly strange. She did the process with me and afterwards I was feeling so much lighter and much better. Then I had a couple of times when my heart was racing only when I would go to bed so I decided to try Doris again. Once again I found that releasing those negative stored emotions resulted in healing, when released my heart slowed down. And it didn't return. I am so into discovering and exploring and I found something that really worked for me. I experienced more calm and peace after all 4 of my experiences with Doris. I wouldn't hesitate to contact her again. She is a very gifted healer and I am most grateful to have made contact with her and have benefited from her skills as an Emotion Code practitioner. Namaste Janet Connell 3/20/2013
What my clients are saying: 

Testimonies added from my LinkedIn account:

Doris has an amazing skill as an emotion code practitioner. I have had some experiences with her and she was right on the mark. She is very accomplished at what she does.” September 27, 2012
1st janet connell, writer, JanetSConnell.com
“Doris is a special person. She is one of the few people I would trust to help me heal and grow. I am a health care provider and searched diligently to find a person I could count on to help me through difficulties. I can strongly recommend Doris.” September 19, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Doris's kindness, integrity, compassion and knowledge base brought quick results for me when I had sessions with her. As a holistic health practitioner, I know the benefits of working on and releasing emotional issues and how that moves one towards the path of a joy filled life. Thank you Doris!” September 17, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Doris has provided an excellent service as an Emotion Code Practitioner, both for my husband and myself. She was sensitive, caring, and very knowledgeable in helping us to release trapped emotions. She also provided excellent strategies for using positive "self-talk" to continue the healing process following our sessions. I have recommended Doris to several friends, who also had very positive results.” September 17, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
“Doris is very insightful and is able to target emotions that were bothering me. The emotional energy released after a session I feel has created a peaceful atmosphere around me. She is very professional.” September 17, 2012
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity 
“Conducted over the telephone and having never met her or shared any personal information with her, I found Doris' reading of the trapped emotions on my heart wall to be amazingly accurate, both in naming the emotion and in being able to tell what year in my life it became trapped within me OR if it was an inherited emotion and from which side of the family and from which grandparent or great grandparent it originated. This has brought me considerable relief and liberation of heart in the weeks since I had the readings done this past July. God bless her work and Dr. Bradley Nelson for discovering this simple and amazingly accurate method for dealing with the huge issue of negative trapped emotions in almost all humans.” September 17, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
1st Alice Boutte

Changes I have seen, Doris, from the Emotion Code sessions I have had with you thus far are:

After the healing sessions, my confidence grew and I have so much more hope now!
 I have been prompted with the support of my husband, to change my diet & concentrate on losing weight. To date, I have lost 10 pounds (!) & my husband about 8. Mind you, we are lovers of food and can eat to our hearts content. I tend to turn to food to try and  get instant temporary satisfaction and not attend to my suppressed feelings but they come back, it seems 7 fold, in either flares of anger, etc...Releasing those negative emotions has helped me tremendously. So I am extremely happy I can finally concentrate on improving my health.

I have and will request more sessions given by Doris because not only are my hidden emotions being released but those of my ancestors as well. She is doing a great service to the public & I would certainly recommend her for your reading. At first I was hesitant in doing so, but am so GLAD I prompted myself to reach for her number. You will not regret it!
Liz Smith

Doris, I just wanted to let you know how much the sessions you did for my son helped him gain more confidence and self-assurance. My husband and I are so very pleased with his transformation. Before the sessions, he was so shy and it was hard for him to make friends at school. You found insecurity, defensiveness and other trapped emotions. It was all on target, even we have never met.

Thank you again for your help! I will certainly recommend you!

Nellie T.

Dear Doris,
I wanted to thank you for all the sessions my family and I had with you. Talking with you was always a pleasure and a comfort.
We are especially grateful for your work and I can testify that it works.
One of my relatives had always a fear of doctors. When she was a toddler, she had been taken to the hospital for an urgent  medical procedure. That frightening experience left a permanent scar in her memory. As she grew up, it was just hard to even think about  going to a doctor. Forget about getting blood drawn, the fear of needles was so overwhelming. During the Emotion Code session, you worked on removing that fear. After the session, she had to visit the doctor, because she got sick. That fear she had before was gone. She even went alone. She told me, that it was so much easier  and she wanted to thank you for your help. Keep up your amazing work!.

This is from Edwin V. from Belgium: "A few weeks ago Doris has done a session with me  through skype (audio only). Doris has a natural kindness and authority to make people feel comfortable towards something they're perhaps not familiar with. I was impressed by the speed and confidence with which she went through the whole procedure.

I can not fully assess the whole impact that this one session may have had on me. But I can testify about at least one very noticeable difference I felt before and after this session.

In certain situations I used to have a very strong fear of height, to an extent that it could almost paralyze me emotionally. As a teenager I used to walk and run on high mountain trails without any concern or consideration for life threatening danger. But then on this one trip to the Swiss Alps I got unexpectedly struck by terrible fear to fall into the abyss. I didn't understand how suddenly I got so emotionally blocked.

During the Emotion Code session the blocked emotion of fear was pointed out, analyzed, correctly dated and traced back to this particular experience in the Alps, and eventually removed. I can testify that through this session I came to feel a noticeable difference in my attitude towards heights. Soon after the session I had to climb on some ladders and even step on the roof. I was still very careful in doing this, but surprisingly I noticed that I was no longer bothered by the same emotional heaviness which I would usually feel in such situations.

Thanks to Doris I should now quickly book some holidays in the Alps just to double check if I'm really completely liberated from this fear of heights! :-) 


This one is from Jan B. (Florida): "Had an "emotion code" releasing session with Doris. I feel a wonderful difference. I am naturally avoiding "toxic" stimuli and feel more attracted to positive uplifting activities. I feel I am discovering newer realms of my soul.

I have had several emotion code sessions with Doris and the results were amazing!  Doris is so gentle and kind and does the emotion code work with much compassion and love.  The emotional and spiritual changes in my life were instantaneous and even though I have had trust issues in the past, those issues did not come into play during my sessions with Doris.  I believe this is due primarily to Doris's focus and intent and I trust her completely.  As I continue to spiral forward on my path, I am so grateful to have a friend like Doris and her facilitation of the emotion code to guide me further on my path.  Stephanie-


Congratulations on your latest achievement. This is indeed a practice that will be of great medicinal value to everyone in our society today, struggling with the stress of trying to survive financially and emotionally.
After many, many years of stress and anxiety, I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Yes,  as you know so well, my shoulders were where I carried all this baggage.  You, being the one that massaged the knots from the painful areas year after year....
Now,   I feel a lightness in my shoulders due to   the procedure given to me from my visit with you administering the Emotion Healing Process. Has made a major difference..!!!!!
Thank you again and I look forward to many other visits as I continue on my  Happy Journey of life.
Knowing there will be some Rocks along the way  and knowing you can remove some for me is indeed comforting. Glad you are in my State of Alabama...
Kay D


Really enjoyed my Emotion Code session with Doris...very eye opening and helpful. ”
Sheryl on Jul 25, 2011


My testimony about the Emotion Code:
A few months ago Doris asked me if I wanted to do a session with the Emotion Code. It was very easy, just a phone conversation with her for about thirty minutes. During this time I found out at what points of my life and also my ancestor's life traumatic incidents happened. I was so amazed how easily Doris could pinpoint the problems. One of them was the death of my grandmother, shorty after she had given birth to her eighth child. Her death of cancer always had caused a deep fear in my mother as well as myself, that our lives may be cut short in the same way. Another incident was the death of my youngest sister and the deep mourning my family went through after this experience.
Doris also told me that there is a fear of rejection in my ancestor's past: My grandfather had sold his farm in his village and moved far away from it to escape the disunity in the village...
After the session I felt a  sadness which lasted for about three days and then I felt that these experience had somehow been removed as if their effects had been taken off my memory. Their heaviness had been erased.
Thank you, Doris, for what you are doing!
Charlotte   (from GA)

I have been searching for answers, we don't find them "out" there but "inside" . Go within, all the spiritual leaders tell us this. I have been on a quest: science and spirituality. Now understanding intention better than I did quest and intention are very closely related. My ongoing discovery and understanding  of how emotions play such a vital role in our well being has been building since the early '70's when I was first introduced to "Stress" and what it was and how it effected us. I might add I was teaching biology at the time and being alert to leading edge information I was exposed to H. Benson. He was a pioneer one of the first Western physicians to bring spirituality and healing into medicine. So with his writing about the relaxation response, I have been trying to relax and what keeps me from doing this is emotions. And emotions  definitely play a role in disease, breaking down the word dis-ease(without ease). Now who wants to be miserable and hold on to those emotions we have experienced in the past. Now we are more informed it's maybe a tad easier to release them as they are experienced in the now. But what about a life time of emotion.. stuffed away. And what of ancestral emotions  that seem to find there existence in the present. Well, The Emotion Code delivered by Doris can help release them. I have had first hand experience. It works. We have so many stuffed emotions  it's like peeling an onion layer by layer  releasing over time and breaking  the dis-ease patterns we hold so strongly. Most of this stuff is in the subconscious so it's not easily identified.  Why hold them when they keep us from feeling peace, happiness and joy.  Namaste, Janet Connell   


Hello Doris,
For a long time I have felt that some of my (female) ancestors (possible Indian/Mexican) had been sexually abused/misused in their life.  The feeling of fear, terror, disgust, rape would come up whenever my husband and I would get intimate. It was very difficult for me to initiate intimacy with my God given spouse. Of course, it was also difficult for my husband because he could feel my spirit. I would quietly be praying while my husband and I were together. Last night, was different, there were no feelings of rape or abuse and I was the one to initiate. 
I was so surprised when I realized this. I believe this was able to happen because of your help in breaking down the heart wall that was inherited from my ancestors. I look forward to another session with you to help release any other trapped emotions I might have.
It has been over a month now since I had this initial session with you and that trapped emotion that you released has not returned. I can honestly say that there has been a major difference. Thank you !        Sincerely, VA


"Thanks Doris, you explain things so well! I just want to confirm for anyone who reads that the emotion code is so very excellent at finding those hidden causes for many problems in our lives.  I found many pains - in legs and neck and kidneys  - were solved when I release the trapped emotions.  I also found a very deep core trauma which, taken care of, has solved many problems.  This took many sessions, and as I progressed I came to understand and accept myself so much better!  It's amazing! A truly remarkable , gentle and effective method! Keep up the great work Doris!  love from Susan Crosthwaite

Thanks Doris. Checked out your site - you're doing great things! Kudos. 

Debbi Dachinger,
On Air Talent. Multi-Award Winning, Syndicated “Dare to Dream” Radio show host.